Brand Strategy

Overview: Create a new Augmented Reality wing for the MET.*
*The Met is a global leader in the non-profit, arts and museum space. Their mission is not simply to exhibit the visual achievement of all cultures, but to demonstrate why these objects are relevant to our lives. We now live in a time of shifting demographics, changing social behavior, and groundbreaking technology, all of which present significant opportunities to be more relevant to more people. Making connections is a key principle to activating any experience at The Met, including their brand identity. 
With a business that’s driven by visitor attendance and patron engagement, The Met is exploring the expansion of their space and program to include a new Augmented Reality initiative. The AR program is under development and will launch with its own wing or separate location space. This initiative is in line with the museum leadership’s goals to expand the reach and relevance of the museum to the broadest, most diverse global audience, and transform the dispassionate museum-goer into a captivated and engaged visitor. AR at The Met will harness the power of emerging tech in art to create immersive and engaging experiences. 

Project Scope
Phase 1: Name and Concept Development 
Phase 2: Visual Identity System

The Curious Traveler
This person is one of 18,000 global visitors that walks through our doors every day. They are looking for an engaging New York experience and may or may not be engaged in the work at the level of The Art Patron. They need guided freedom through our spaces and often delight in being surprised.  
The Art Patron
This patron is a loyal return guest, member or Met Partner that comes back looking for more. Beyond mere entertainment or the wow of a first-time experience, they are interested in our programs, events and rotating exhibits. They need to feel considered, again and again, with a deeper level of engagement and belonging to our community than the Traveler. 

Key Attributes:
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